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Eccleshall Voluntary Car Scheme

www.eccleshallvoluntarycarscheme.org.uk                  updated on 5th April 2019

“Eccleshall People helping Eccleshall People”

Eccleshall Voluntary Car Scheme

25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB
01785 851381 / 07815 419166

Home support passengers drivers join the club contact us whatisit
Home support passengers drivers join the club contact us whatisit


So far nine people have signed up to join the scheme as drivers.

Many more are needed so if you have some spare time and are willing to assist other members of our community to travel to medical visits do please get in touch.

You can simply complete a copy of the form on the drivers page of this site.

Scheme Coordinator

A vital role for the scheme is the job of the coordinator who puts together the drivers who are available with the passenger's needs.

The task would be carried out with a mobile phone which the scheme would provide.

If you have had some administrative experience you may be able to offer some hours for this job.

Ring 01785 851381 and speak to Joy or Peter for details of how you could help.


As each potential passengers applies to join, our treasurer Joy Jones, calls on them to ascertain their needs and supplies them with documents showing how the scheme works and a card with the special scheme contact number which accompanies the scheme coordinator.

Our thanks to Joy for her work.

On Tuesday 1st May 2018 the EVCS actually started operations, registering passengers and drivers.

The first journey was carried out by the scheme’s treasurer Joy Jones on Thursday 10th May taking a passenger to the SGI in Stafford and return.



If you could spare an hour or so each month at a time to suit you then the Voluntary Car Scheme is looking for you.

The demand for the scheme often out reaches the number of drivers who are available and we have to disappoint passengers.

No commitemnet just help you are are available, give us a call or email us and see if you can help.

01785 851381 / 07815 419166 email: peterwjones@btinternet.com


Over the past few months it has become clear that there is a need for our car Scheme judging by the requests for help we have received from our community.

Luckily our volunteer drivers have been able in almost all cases have been able to help with transport.

We do however feel the need for more volunteer drivers who could spare an hour or so a month. Do get in touch with us if you feel you might be able to help


We try to arrange transport for elderly Eccleshall people to medical appointments when they have no means of transport of their own or access to them.

All of our drivers live in Eccleshall and are prepared to transport Eccleshall folk to their appointments.

If we have a driver who is available we will do out best to help you with your medical transport needs

Croxton voluntary drivers

We regularly receive requests for people living in the Croxton area for assistance with transport but the voluntary drivers that help us all live in town centre of Eccleshall area.

If you live in the Croxton area and have an hour or two every so often perhaps you would consider becoming a voluntary driver. You would not be committing yourself to anything - just that we can ask you occasionally if you are available to help with a passenger.