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Eccleshall Voluntary Car Scheme

www.eccleshallvoluntarycarscheme.org.uk                  updated on 5th August 2022
“Eccleshall People helping Eccleshall People”

Eccleshall Voluntary Car Scheme

25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB
01785 851381 / 07815 419166

Home support passengers drivers join the club contact us whatisit
Home support passengers drivers join the club contact us whatisit

What is
community transport

In Eccleshall we have established a scheme where Eccleshall people help Eccleshall people by providing car journeys at a modest cost to people who either don’t have access to public transport or a car.

The passenger would pay a set fee based on mileage to the driver who would receive 45p per mile for that same journey.

The type of journeys would depend on the response from volunteer drivers and what they are able to provide. Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries,  and other medical appointments, short journeys or up to 20 miles one way.

We envisage round trips returning to the passenger’s home, although this may not always be the case. If only one way the passenger would have to pay for the return journey since the driver has to return.

Passengers would ‘join the club’ so that we have their details in advance of any bookings. The Eccleshall Scheme will follow the guidelines laid down by the Staffordshire County Council and the drivers will be D.B.S checked, and public liability insurance will be in place.

Voluntary driver’s insurance should not be affected by taking part in this type of scheme.

What the scheme can eventually offer will depend on driver’s availability and passenger’s needs.

We envisage bookings being made perhaps a week in advance through the scheme coordinator, who will match driver’s availability to customer’s needs. The scheme hinges on sufficient people offering to be voluntary drivers in their own vehicles and someone able to act as a coordinator.

If you think that you might be able to give a little time each month or that you need such a service as a passenger do get in touch.

The scheme is supported by the Staffordshire County Council, Eccleshall Parish Council and Eccleshall Community First Responders.

Further details can be provided by Borough Councillor Peter Jones 01785 851381 / 07815 419166 email pjones@staffordbc.gov.uk 25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LB

You may not need the scheme yourself but you may know someone who does, please pass the information on to them.